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About Greg Rollinson Pianos


logo-aboutGreg Rollinson Pianos was established in 1924 and is owned by Greg Rollinson, who is a fifth generation Piano Tuner & Technician.

The Rollinsons are renowned for their technical knowledge of pianos that dates back to the early 1800’s.  The business prides itself on skills passed down five generations over more than 164 years.  This wealth of knowledge begins with  Urias Cobley Rollinson in England in 1848, his knowledge was passed on to his son, Uri Jim Rollinson, who died in King Williams Town (Cape Town), South Africa, after working and training with Polliaks in the Music Industry.  Uri, in turn, trained his son, Thomas Edward Rollinson, in the piano trade when it was brought to Johannesburg.

Thomas had two sons, James Edward Rollinson and Robert Hugh Rollinson, who both followed in his footsteps and become part of the piano heritage that they owned.  James and Robert worked for Greg Rollinson Pianos in the 1930’s & 40’s. Robert eventually retired and returned to England and the piano industry lost one of their very best piano technicians, James Edward Rollinson, when he passed away in 2011.  

James had two daughters and one son; Gregory Guy Rollinson, who started training in pianos as early as 13 years of age.  Today, he is the owner of Greg Rollinson Pianos and in addition to the knowledge that Greg has gained, a number of Lincoln Bros staff members have been in the industry for 25 years or more.

The Rollinson and Greg Rollinson Pianos name is a household name, due to the fact that the primary focus has always been the high standard of workmanship on all piano maintenance and restoration, thus enabling Lincoln Bros to offer a five-year guarantee on all workmanship.  Specialising in concert tuning, servicing, repairs, refurbishing, re-spraying, piano hire, castors, castor cups, piano covers, piano trolleys, transport, sale of new and used pianos, purchasing of pianos, valuations and insurance claims.

Greg Rollinson Pianos Clientele includes the private sector, schools, universities, colleges, music shops, piano tuners and technicians, piano dealers and many popular South African televised music productions

Greg Rollinson Pianos are the masters at repairing, overhauling, re-spraying, tuning and complete restoration of pianos.  In addition we offer the transporting of pianos, which is handled by a team of well-trained staff.  If you are looking to buy a new grand or upright piano, we stock Ritmüller (sole agents). We stock all makes of second hand and refurbished pianos, which are priced competitively.  These pianos can be viewed on our show room floor.  All pianos, new or pre-owned, are thoroughly checked, tuned, serviced and/or restored, prior to delivery.

Grand or upright pianos are available for hire for functions such as weddings, photo shoots, interior design and concerts.  Monthly piano hire is offered to all including all up and coming musicians.