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Great Arts Festival

Dear Greg Rollinson Pianos, I recently had the good fortune to be visiting my brother and family over in Jo'burg when he took us to a place called Wakkerstroom for the Arts Festival. They had recently purchased a plot of land there and were eager to show it and the village to us.

I must say your company really impressed me with their generosity, as I believe you had donated the transportation and tuning of the pianos.

There were many musicians there along with several art displays and looking around many opportunities to promote your company which the organisers took.

The event was well supported by the local community and within our party there was myself from England plus another friend who is a German working in Dubai.

I assume there were many other parties like ours, who had come together to hear the wonderful music played by accomplished artists on well tuned instruments, and I believe your contribution to the marvelous renditions of classics and new pieces was invaluable.

I wish your company a long and happy involvement with this superb example of music in the community.

Yours gratefully, Marilyn Revill